Hawken's Re-Application for Member

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Hawken's Re-Application for Member

Postby Hawken » July 9th, 2016, 4:56 pm

Steam ID (Screenname) Exo (or skitz for my alt on steam)

Steam Community URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TizKLEI

Minecaft username: riotguard101

Age: 17

Which games do you want to play with us?
none specific but mostly csgo or dirty bomb atm
Are there any games you'd like us to support?
Not currently
How did you find out about us?
Answer only if you've been in BSN (Formerly NJTV) before: What was your previous screen name in BSN/NJTV?
Hawken or Klei
Define Wheaton's Law:
Dont be a dick


[i]The one and only network wide rule: "Don't be a dick." (Thank's Wil Wheaton and LukeZaz for this one.)

In-game rules for BSN:

Respect players and admins.
No cheating.
If you grief other players work you will be banned.
You must join the BSN Discoird and use a microphone with push-to-talk enabled and while on BSN servers.

Teamspeak rule:
No hotmicing.
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